Guns r us

Guns r us

I like guns. I said it. I grew up adoring every gun slinger from the quick-draw cowboy to the chain-gunner soldier. I have fired a few guns too, from the standard Glocks at gun ranges to WW2 Mosin sniper rifles. I don’t own a gun and never intend to (unless the world somehow survives extinction […]

Politics and powerpoints

For the last two weeks, the only thing on the tube were the two political conventions. I caught a dozen or so speeches mostly by the main players. I had seen the conventions from the previous two elections too. Each time, the analysis and the buzz around the conventions increases tenfold. For every twenty minute […]

Missing from the debt ceiling deal

Of all the debates and all the name calling, not once has there been a mention of the biggest elephant in the room. A fifth of the budget each year in this country and therefore a fifth of all the debt is generated not from old or poor people but from the defense department. The […]

The tax cut scam

Common sense is often so uncommon that it can be heralded as a virtue. So can be said about the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, it is simply a long scam being sold as a job-creating solution (and I know a long scam when I see one). One very simple thing I point […]

Please don’t kill NPR

This whole exercise in ridiculousness about cutting federal funding for NPR because of the Juan Williams incident has me seriously worried about the direction of this country. Over the years, the news junkie inside of me has taken me to a lot of nooks and crannies where I can get an update or opinion from, […]