With Kamal Hassan

The Vishwaroopam Review

I usually don’t watch Tamil movies, but when I do I watch with the lead of the movie at its premiere. So I like to think. For some freak accident of nature (or good fortune of a friend being in the movie sound business) caused me to get vip passes to the premiere in LA, […]

The 2011 Travelogue - Paris - Part 1

The 2011 Travelogue – Paris – Part 1

When we think Paris, we think Eiffel Tower, cafes, romantics, stylish people, sophistication, and high-end art. But what we saw in Paris was a down-to-earth multicultural melting pot with a rich architecture, fun people and an open progressive society. This is a place I could easily live in, maybe its more expensive than New York […]

Ranting about immigration

Maybe its the only issue that makes me sad and angry at the same time. It’s painful to see that so many good, smart and deserving folk are estranged and heartbroken because of the ungodly waiting periods and bureaucracy of the immigration system in this country. Needless to say, the godfathers of our supreme senate […]

A dal to end all dals

– Boil Toor Dal – While the dal is on the stove, feel free to roam around, chat on the phone, watch tv, feed orphans, debate healthcare policy and write an op-ed about police brutality – Go back to the kitchen to find smoke, steam and bemused roommates who are wondering if it is better […]

Of Socialism – Part Deux

mcme……. I guess, taken on a scale of everything, nothing – leave alone socialism, would work. The catch lies in finding the balance. Basic necessities should not be part of the equation. People should not have to compete to get food, healthcare, shelter and the likes. The big inequality of it all lies in the […]