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  1. mcme
    mcme 25 July, 2009 at 8:40 am | | Reply

    I guess, taken on a scale of everything, nothing – leave alone socialism, would work. The catch lies in finding the balance. Basic necessities should not be part of the equation.

    People should not have to compete to get food, healthcare, shelter and the likes. The big inequality of it all lies in the government going out of their way, to save corporations while individuals are being pushed into absolute poverty – on to the roads just because they had to go to the emergency room once. The healthcare plan reform is surprisingly a tougher bill to sell than an 800 Billion ‘save the financial sector’ bill or trillions of dollars worth of spending on wars.

    In short, the key lies in finding a balance and assuring that certain basic human necessities aren’t left to chance just for the sake of capitalism.

    Putting this in perspective of the classroom, everyone in the class has more or less equal access to text books, study material and classroom facilities. Now failing the whole class to teach them a lesson, that sounds more like bad dictatorship!!

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