Thoughts on Day Trading

A few years ago I wanted to be a day trader, a pirate on the high seas, a Gordon Gekko-lite that raided the holds of the slow moving freighters. So I bought subscriptions, I bought software, I bought accounts, I believed it was the beginning of the end of he slavery, the beginning of the […]

No City Left Behind

Just marveling at another perk of being married – I have a great travel buddy. Give our current short-term employment situation forcing us to live apart,  I am beginning to think this is somewhat of a blessing in disguise, for we are both equally exhilirated that we get to meet-up in a different place every […]


Sometimes we are happy, Sometimes we tell ourselves to be happy, Sometimes we believe in the future and take everything in the present in stride, Sometimes we hate that we have become believers, Sometimes we want to sacrifice our present for the future, Sometimes we just want to be in the future and forget the […]

A dal to end all dals

– Boil Toor Dal – While the dal is on the stove, feel free to roam around, chat on the phone, watch tv, feed orphans, debate healthcare policy and write an op-ed about police brutality – Go back to the kitchen to find smoke, steam and bemused roommates who are wondering if it is better […]

Of Socialism – Part Deux

mcme……. I guess, taken on a scale of everything, nothing – leave alone socialism, would work. The catch lies in finding the balance. Basic necessities should not be part of the equation. People should not have to compete to get food, healthcare, shelter and the likes. The big inequality of it all lies in the […]