The tax cut scam

Common sense is often so uncommon that it can be heralded as a virtue. So can be said about the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, it is simply a long scam being sold as a job-creating solution (and I know a long scam when I see one). One very simple thing I point […]

Thoughts on Day Trading

A few years ago I wanted to be a day trader, a pirate on the high seas, a Gordon Gekko-lite that raided the holds of the slow moving freighters. So I bought subscriptions, I bought software, I bought accounts, I believed it was the beginning of the end of he slavery, the beginning of the […]

The future of private equity market

Several market watchers have asserted that the pace of growth of private equity deals has impressed upon investors the notion that stocks are reasonably priced. Consequently, they are also inclined to believe that a gradual decrease in private equity deals will signal over-valuation again. Although we don’t dismiss such a notion completely, we feel that […]

The Fortress Post Mortem

On Feb 14, 2007 Fortress completed its acquisition of RailAmerica; the short-term build-up in price was immediately lost after the news of acquisition. Many analysts that covered the railroad industry resounded that the buyout was a bad deal for Fortress because of RailAmerica’s sloppy record, but Fortress most likely discovered some undervalued assets in the […]

Introduction to Fortress

I created the Private Equity section on my blog to track some of the changes in the private equity market and consolidate my project research in one place. I am doing an analysis on the recent Fortress Group’s (FIG) IPO and post-IPO market reaction; the primary goal being to answer some trivial questions……. – Is […]