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Beautiful blue skies at the grand place market

The 2011 Travelogue – Brussels

Its been a few weeks since I went on whirlwind tour of Europe, yet the perils of everyday life are already chipping away at my beloved memories. So I decided that its an appropriate time to blow the dust off this blog, and make my memories permanent, if nothing else they should give me a […]

Missing from the debt ceiling deal

Of all the debates and all the name calling, not once has there been a mention of the biggest elephant in the room. A fifth of the budget each year in this country and therefore a fifth of all the debt is generated not from old or poor people but from the defense department. The […]

Just another 1.5%

And just like that it is the middle of 2011. People have moved, people have graduated, people have become parents. Six months is categorically short, a forgivable portion of our infinitesimally long and glorious lifetimes with seemingly endless possibilities. There is something to be said about every half year though, it has a standing, it […]