2010 in perspective

– The year is a month, the month is a week, the week is nothing. I can happily report to have had at least one memorable experience each month, two or three in most months and I have preserved those memories in some form so that I can look back some day and smile. A good camera helps, and I just happened to buy one this year, and just in time too. A good partner in crime helps too, the camera is heavy.

– Two is better than square root three. The loneliest moment of each day used to be coming home late in the evening and be greeted by ghosts. Fortune has smiled on me, for I now come home to the wafting aromas of tasty indian curry. Life is sweeter and life is faster, but life is better with a wife. And I am happy everyday to impress my wife with my wikipedia wit and entertain her with my cartman jokes.

– We are in an endless hurdle race. One of the bigger milestones of my life was reached this year, and I am vexed that the celebration was so short. Now there are new challenges and goals to reach, goals that are not world-changing, just mundane mostly, but nonetheless, require work.  Maybe its better this way, more interesting than already having everything for it would be boring if the only thing to work on was how to groom the poodle.

– The job that everyone wishes for. I am thankful that I’ve had it for the last three years and I’ve absolutely enjoyed the challenge, the flexibility, the awesome bunch of people I work with, the boss that can make jokes, the customers that thank profusely, sigh. This year was the most eventful for me in terms for achievement in my work, and I take great pride in the product that I created. My precious.

– I am but a collection of moving parts. The only regret that I have this year is that I knowingly ignored fitness and sports. And I am that good at conjuring excuses, for I always have a reason why its more fun to watch tv than to exercise those creaky joints. I had a good run with the weekly volleyball till Fall, but that somewhat died down as people dispersed. I happily gained over twenty lbs since, and continue to happily tell my midsection each morning that its days are numbered.

– Hello ADD. I feel consumed by the non-stop stream of information that is making its way into my head. Everywhere I turn there is a god-damned tv, and god-damned computer, and a god-damned phone. Being a political junkie doesn’t help for its been a non-stop news year, and the talking heads are plenty. This year I have read the fewest number of books for all my years, for I am getting so used to reading single-page op-eds that books suddenly feel somewhat challenging. Something to fix next year perhaps.

The world got bigger. And that’s the thing about growing up. Maybe its always been that big, just had to drill through some big rocks blocking my life of sight. I feel a measure of relief at the end of 2010. Finishing another entire decade took a lot calories. I feel optimistic about myself and pessimistic about that big world, and I am eager to ride another red bus through the zoo. Giggity.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Chaitu
    Chaitu 31 December, 2010 at 2:09 am | | Reply

    Mogambo kush hua!! tera har saal aisa hi ho…

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