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  1. chaitu
    chaitu 18 August, 2010 at 11:48 pm | | Reply

    mere pyaare dost..

    hope this post finds you in the pink of health..
    my sincere advice to you: don’t get any pets. Not now for sure.
    Let me list out some of the many things you might not have thought of:

    Pets are expensive:
    costs involved:
    the obvious – food, medical insurance, litter
    the not so obvious –
    * apartment rent [usually higher for apartments that allow pets],
    * additional monthly pet rent [anywhere from 30 to 50 a month],
    * additional deposit [500 to 1000$ – most of which is usurped [by well dressed thieves called rental agents] when you leave the apartment],
    * pet toys – pet gadgets etc. [scratch pads, catnip, pet doors]
    * paying for lodging [or someone who takes care of] for the pet – when you travel
    * the resale value of your car decreases if you have a pet 🙂 If you own a house – there are people who won’t buy places which had pets..

    A lot more responsibility than you think they are:
    * you need to think about who would take care of the pet when you travel
    – think about india trips, think about short domestic trips, think about going off for the weekend
    * clean up – pets are sometimes like kids – they get sick too – and sometimes may vomit where you don’t want them to [grossed out yet?? – but it’s true]
    other clean up would be furniture issues etc..
    * you have to worry about guests too – who aren’t pet friendly. When you are hosting this can be a pain in the wrong places…
    * If you are used to life on the go – quick decisions – short notice trips –> that might be affected.

    hehe.. if you haven’t changed your mind yet – call me.

    Overall – a pet’s going to cost you ~$300 to ~$500 more per month. If I could go back, I would rather spend a half of it every month on some charity [AID or Asha] and feel a lot more satisfied and responsible [:)]

    inka nee ishtam..

    mee sreyobalaashi

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