No City Left Behind

Just marveling at another perk of being married – I have a great travel buddy. Give our current short-term employment situation forcing us to live apart,  I am beginning to think this is somewhat of a blessing in disguise, for we are both equally exhilirated that we get to meet-up in a different place every few days.  So we might as well make the best of this time, for once things fall in place, weekends will tend to be dominated by grocery shopping and laundry.

I just booked a bunch of more flights and hotels, and realized, I have never traveled to so many places in one year.  So, I figured, while I am still getting over the inertia to write again, I will use this blog as a travel journal. Here is where I have been in the first three months, and this is where we are heading in the next three months.

Jan 17th – Chicago

Jan 23rd – Chicago

Feb 5th – Chicago

Feb 14th – Vegas

Mar 5th – Chicago

Mar 19th – Paso Robles

Apr 4th – Irvine

Apr 24th – San Diego

May 7th – Chicago

May 14th – Maui

May 28th – Boston

Jun 19th – Vancouver

Jul 4th – Houston

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  1. Janani
    Janani 20 July, 2010 at 11:05 pm | | Reply

    Lol… That is definitely wonderful… You should also upload some pics!

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