Who’s the king of cars

King of Cars on A&E is definitely an entertaining show – las vegas, 50 salesmen, 1 boss, and 500 ways to get your soul and give you a car in return. Apparently, the guys are real, and the boss – Chop is a 26-year old who looks more like a 40ish mob moss just taking over the reins of an empire from his ailing family. But, what really impressed me is the guy’s confidence, his dexterity, his drive and his ability to make selling cars look like a patriotic thing to do.

I sometimes wish I had a chance to sell cars myself; I’ve heard that to sell cars – you have to forget what ego is, take mud in your face everyday, be ready to be rejected every 10 minutes, and yet dust everything off, smile and make a sale. Honestly, if you can sell cars, you can sell pretty darn anything.

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